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The porsche Carrera GT
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Classification models: - production status: in producing fuel types: more than 98 unleaded gasoline manufacturers: porsche
The main size and quality
The length/width/height (mm) 4613/1921/1166 wheelbase (2730 mm)
1612/1587 wheel track (front and back) (mm) minimum ground clearance (mm)
Trunk volume tank volume (L) (L) 0.076 92
Curb weight (1380 kg)
The engine
Number of cylinders of 10 engine position
Engine cylinder type 180 degrees Angle of V10 engines
Volume (5733 mL) compression ratio 12.0 :1
Maximum power (kw) of 450 kw / 450 0-100 km/h acceleration time (s) 3.9 s (0-100 km/h)
Peak torque (N.m) 590 nm / 5750
Transmission type 6 speed manual tire type and specification (km/h) magnesium alloy before 19 inches, 20 inches after before: after the 265/35 ZR 19:335/30 ZR 20
Suspension (before/after) by the push rod and the horizontal stabilizer bar operation, front suspension with spring/damper unit of dual lateral control arm, power rack and pinion steering gear/by the push rod and the horizontal stabilizer bar, with a ? of the operation

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